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VIDEO: The Full Line of Race Face Pads & Protection

VIDEO: The Full Line of Race Face Pads & Protection

If there’s one thing mountain bikers have learned over the years, it’s that pads and protection are essential for longevity in the sport. Even if you rarely need to use your pads in the event of an actual crash, wearing protection on your limbs (and core, if you want extra padding) is important for your confidence.

Race Face makes a full line of pads and protection for mountain biking, including knee pads, elbow pads, core (torso) protection and kids pads. Check out the video above for a full rundown on what pads are best for you.

Charge Knee & Elbow (XC & Light Trail)

If you’re looking for low-key coverage when riding cross-country or easier trails, Charge Knee and Elbow offer a comfortable, breathable slide-on fit. While not rated for impact protection Charge does a great job of shielding against minor scrapes. The ultra-low-profile design is also useful for layering for warmth under your pants when riding during the colder months.
Covert Knee (Trail)

The Covert Knee is a highly breathable knee guard featuring the innovative and low profile D3O™ Ghost pad, striking the perfect balance between pedaling mobility and descending protection. Perfect for Trail riders looking to add a little spice to their ride while maintaining breathability for those big days of vert.
Indy Knee & Elbow (Enduro)

Built to handle the rigors of the World Cup Enduro racing, the Indy Knee and Elbow are made for full-tilt aggressive descents while maintaining breathability when pedalling up to the next stage. With a no-slip fit and impact-absorbing D3O® LP1 foam pad, Indy is ready to attack the mountain.
Ambush Knee, Leg & Elbow (Downhill)

For the riders suiting up for downhill, bike park and freeride lines, the Ambush Knee, Leg and Elbow are the highest tier of protection made by Race Face. With extended coverage over the shin (Leg only), D3O® T5 Evo X maximum impact-absorbing foam and padded sidewalls, Ambush gives you the confidence to push your limits.
Ruxton Core (Downhill)

For riders looking for that extra level of upper-body armour, the Ruxton Core’s modular design gives you maximum DH protection in a lightweight and breathable package. The D3O® BP4 backpiece shields your back while maintaining excellent ventilation. The modular shoulder and elbow pieces ensure full coverage when you need it and easy zip-off removal when back protection is all you need. All D3O® pieces are removable for easy washing.
Sendy Knee & Elbows (Kids)

Keeping the next generation of shredders safe from the hazards of learning and mastering mountain biking, the Sendy Trail Knee, and DH Knee and Elbow line of pads keep your kids covered whether on chill rides or hitting the jump park.
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