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Top protection

Had a pretty bad crash while longboarding yesterday. I was skating down a little hill when suddenly a Vespa pulled out of a driveway, I dodged it but in the process hit a pothole and made a Superman dive to the front. I'm riding goofy, so I was flying right side to the ground and my rigt ellbow took most of the impact when I hit the ground. I weight 95 kg and must have had about 30 km/h when I hit the pothole, so it was quite an impact, my wrist guard and my hip took the remainder of the impact and after skidding a bit along the road I could simply get up, walk back to my board, reassure the Vespa driver that I was ok and skate back home. Apart from some abrasion on my hand, hip and ellbow I was good. The abrasion on my ellbow most probably came from wearing the ellbow guards over a long-sleeved shirt. The mesh on the inside of the ellbow guard ripped, but the outside that hit ground only has a minor scratch (I'd upload a foto but this isn't possible here).
As a suggestion to further enhance these splendid ellbow guards I'd add a velcro removable hard-shell PE ellbow-cap. This would probably have saved my ellbow from getting the abrasion by not connecting with the road upon impact (I felt the pull on my arm, when I hit the road) but by sliding along the asphalt. And velcro-attachable, because that way one could remove the shell if one doesn't need it or wants to wear it under a jacket, pullover, etc.


Good fit good protection

Great elbow protection

She Love them. Well Made, good fit, stay in place.

Awesome Pads, very comfortable

These pads are great. They fit a bit small so consider getting a size larger than you normally would (especially if you want to put them over a long sleeve Jersey).
They're super comfortable on the rides down and breath well to keep you cool. I've crashed while wearing them and they saved my arm from injury!