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Atlas MTB Components: Overbuilt for Downhill Punishment

Atlas MTB Components: Overbuilt for Downhill Punishment

Making the most durable alloy MTB components—parts that can withstand the harshest riders descending the harshest terrain—is why Race Face exists. Since 1993 we’ve found ways to make things lighter and stronger, but there was always a demand for gravity-inclined riders who prioritized durability and reliability above all else.  

In 2008, we launched Atlas as the flagship alloy line geared towards freeride, downhill and the growing culture of bike park riding. If it could withstand the abuse our engineers and riders hurled at it on the North Shore, it could withstand anything.

Today, Atlas forges ahead as the premier choice for gravity riders hurling their way down DH tracks and bike parks, but has also gained popularity among Enduro and aggressive trail riders looking for the longest-lasting components for their bikes. Everything Atlas (and the majority of Race Face parts, for that matter) are backed up by our Lifetime Warranty, crashes included. Break a Race Face part while riding and we ship you one free, with no crash replacement fee. 

With all that in mind, may we present, Atlas.

Atlas Wheelset

A wheelset truly dedicated to Downhill, Freeride and Dirt Jump disciplines, Atlas wheels are built around our tried-and-tested, quick-engaging Vault hub. Front wheels come in 20x110 (Boost) and 20x100 (non-Boost) hub spacing and the rear wheels come in 12x150 and 12 x 157 (Super Boost) hub spacing. Atlas currently does not cater to frames with 148mm rear hub spacing, but we do offer that size in our Turbine and Aeffect R wheels.

Atlas is ready for all-day park laps. It’s ready for massive gaps and jumbo drops. It’s even ready for the occasional cased landing. A 6069 welded alloy rim gives you all the strength you need with a dent and flat-resistant bead design. And a 30mm internal rims width gives you recommended tire width options from 2.3” up to 2.6”.  

And the best thing about our wheelsets? They’re all backed by our Lifetime Warranty, crashes included.
Atlas Crankset 

The durability and reliability of our Turbine crank is legendary, but the Forged 7050 alloy Atlas takes it up a notch with unrivalled strength and stiffness of with a very slight weight increase over Turbine. Pedal strikes in rock gardens or laying the bike down at high speed might leave a mark, but it won’t compromise these cranks.
Long considered a bomber drivetrain upgrade, the simplicity of our CINCH system means you can easily switch out chainrings to change your tooth count or stay up-to-date for when the hot new drivetrain arrives on the scene. Available in five vibrant colours, you can mix and match Atlas with our CINCH Direct Mount rings to personalize your bike’s look.

For riders looking for a stiff, strong, DH-worthy crankset that's light enough to be installed aboard an all-mountain rig, the Atlas cranks should be near the top of the list. The addition of the Cinch interface makes these cranks more versatile than ever, and they're still tough as nails.  – Mike Kazimer, Tech Editor, Pink Bike
Atlas Handlebar and Stems 

When you need to hold your line on the most demanding trails and features, the cold drawn 7075 alloy Atlas 35 is the widest and burliest bar in our lineup. It pairs perfectly with Atlas 35 Stem and Direct Mount Stem, with as much colour splash (or matching your other Atlas parts) as you want.  

With a starting width of 820mm and with our patented Top-Lock stem face plate, Atlas is the ultimate handlebar and stem combination for sending it big. 
Atlas Pedal 

A pedal with grip that won’t let you down. With a wide, low profile, and convex platform and 10 pins per side, Atlas gives you a secure foothold for confidence when dropping on the big stuff. With oversized bearings, IGUS bushings and easy serviceability, you can keep running Atlas pedals long into the life of your bike and beyond.
Our complete Atlas Family lineup is backed by our Lifetime Warranty – and if you want to learn more about what is covered, including crashes, check out our Lifetime Warranty Snapshot here. 
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