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Unweight and Upgrade with Carbon MTB Components

Unweight and Upgrade with Carbon MTB Components

Race Face has been innovating with carbon fiber mountain bike components for over 25 years. By harnessing the weight advantages of carbon and designing for extraordinary durability, our industry-leading cranks, wheels and handlebars continue to provide the performance expected by discerning riders.

We make carbon components that will stand up to the abuse riders dish out. And for any reason our gear doesn’t survive (including any gear on this page), we’ll back it up with a Lifetime Warranty, crashes included.

Era Crank – The last carbon crank you’ll ever need to buy

Gees Era Crank

Often overlooked as an upgrade, cranks are responsible for taking your pedal power and transferring it through the drivetrain to make your rear wheel move. So, it makes sense to have this transmission as efficient as possible.

The carbon Era Crankset  optimizes power transfer and efficiency while offering outstanding durability. Redesigned pedal inserts are bonded directly to the carbon layup making Era the strongest, stiffest and most durable carbon crank ever created by Race Face.

The carbon construction provides inherent stiffness for minimal energy loss, providing a direct and precise connection between the rider’s pedal stroke and the trail. This crank is battle-tested on the world’s toughest enduro courses and weighs in at just 483 grams (170mm arms). And with stainless steel scuff plate on the high-wear section of the crank arm, you can rest assured your investment will stay looking fresh for many, many rides to come.

Era is available in seven different crank colours and eight different crank boot colours, so you can choose whether black suits you or not.

Next R Wheelset – For aggressive trail, all-mountain & enduro (Outdoor Gear Lab Editors Choice)

Next Wheels

The move to carbon wheels is often one-way. Once you experience the reduced rotational mass in your wheels and discover that they never really require truing, going back to alloy rims is not easy.

The Next R Wheelset is a premium yet worthwhile upgrade from your current alloy wheels. The Next R is lighter at just 1765 g (31mm rim width in 29"), has the right amount of torsional stiffness for exceptional power transfer when pedalling and excellent responsiveness when cornering. A compliant rim profile helps smooth out small bump chatter.

At the center of the Next R wheel is the Vault Hub.  Vault gives riders super-quick 3 –degree engagement which translates to very little lag with each pedal stroke. With large diameter 6902 bearings and low-drag labyrinth seals to keep out the relentless rain and mud of the North Shore, this hub will keep spinning smooth, season after season.

From Outdoor Gear Lab: “[The Next R] wheels made our bikes feel better for a few reasons, their weight, stiffness, and freehub engagement. Race Face has managed to make a wheel that feels stiff and precise but never feels overly stiff or harsh like some carbon wheels can.”

Next SL Wheelset – For the featherlight downcountry-ist

Next SL Wheelset

The Next SL Wheelset's carbon fiber construction keeps weight to an absolute minimum, resulting in lightning-fast spin-up speed and effortless climbing. If you race XC or spend most of your time riding downcountry with the odd spicy line, Next SL ticks all the boxes.

Thanks to our unidirectional carbon layup, Next SL Wheelset offers immediate power transfer and responsive handling. This translates into precise cornering, rapid line changes, and an overall dynamic riding experience on your XC or Trail rig.

Despite its lightweight design, Race Face’s carbon engineers ensured that the Next SL Wheelset maintains exceptional durability. Confidently push your limits in the Downcountry without ever worrying about compromising your wheels' integrity.

Next R 35 Handlebar – For hanging on... on all-mountain & enduro trails

Next R Handlebar

Handlebars are the rider’s direct interface with the bike. It’s through the bars you’ll experience vibration and notice the steering stiffness (or lack thereof) when blasting through rough sections of trail or laying over the bike when cornering. While the weight savings of a carbon bar are not insignificant, many riders chose to upgrade to a carbon bar for its vertical compliance (the amount the bar flexes under higher loads). Too much compliance and the handlebar feels noodley and even bordering on sketchy. Too stiff and you start to feel all the trail’s small bumps, adding to arm fatigue.

The Next R 35 handlebar uses the 35mm clamp standard to provide ample stiffness for precise cornering while staying compliant enough to dampen vibrations. You’ll also save around 100g or more compared to a stock alloy handlebar. The Next R comes in 10, 20 or 35mm rise options and is manufactured at an 800mm bar width, which can be cut down to your preferred width.

Ride Carbon with Confidence

ALN on Carbon

Upgrading to a lighter material no longer means sacrificing strength and durability. Race Face has been on the forefront of carbon mountain bike components since they began to appear on bikes back in the early 2000s. With the advancing technology and evolving manufacturing methods, we continue to bring you carbon components that will outlast your bike. And remember, if they don’t make it through a crash (while riding your bike), we’ll replace it free of charge.


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