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The Indy Kit- Lightweight Yet Durable

The new Indy Kit - exciting!

The Indy line of apparel has expanded and is officially a full collection. With the addition of Indy Shorts and Pants, our enduro-focused lineup continues to bring lightweight yet durable clothing and protection that performs as well as it looks.

Phone Poket

Whether you prefer pants for gravity and year-round riding or shorts for hotter weather and huge days of pedaling, Indy bottoms give your lower half the coverage it needs. Pants have XS-XXL sizing for a unisex fit and articulated patterning for ergonomic bike movement. The fabric for our Indy Pants is light enough to breathe (with some strategic venting for maximum air flow) yet durable enough to stand up to whatever the trail throws at you. Two zippered pockets carry the essentials while you’re charging down the trail or spinning up for the next lap.

Adjustable top indy pants

The Indy Jersey comes in Short Sleeve options for Men and Women, as well as a unisex cut Long Sleeve. Mesh side panels lets your torso breathe when double-timing it to the next enduro stage start.

Indy shirt short sleeve

The Indy Kneepad features an updated pad design to improve pedalling comfort while maintaining maximum protection for when things go unexpectedly downhill.  A solid construction with upper thigh silicone grippers, silicone shin patch, and a useful calf strap keep pads in place without any annoying fidgeting.

Indy Kneepad

Whether you’re pushing for podium results or simply wanting the highest performing gear for your weekend of shredding, the Indy Collection complements your ride lap after lap, season after season.

The Indy Kit

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