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Bike Check: Gee Milner's New Dream Build

Gee Milners Dream built 2022

There's a strange calmness that washes over you when watching Gee Milner's Dream Build videos. Maybe it's the looping relaxation room piano riff with tinkering taps and ratchet clicks. Maybe it's the care and precision with which he squeegees out all those little bubbles out of the frame wrap. Or maybe it's simply watching a linkage bolt get tightened to the perfect torque... Just so. Even the much-lamented Crush Core install feels therapeutic, especially when that final section of bead drops onto the rim with a satisfying pop.

greasing all the parts
Race Face Stem

Gee's videos deliberately slow down the mechanical steps of building a bike from scratch to show both the exquisite detail of engineered bike parts and the artisanship of a trained mechanic's hand. No talking head commentary or instructional voice over. Just Gee in his workshop, patiently assembling beautiful bikes.

For his latest Dream Build video, Gee puts together the all-new Orbea Rallon with the highest end Race Face Next R and Turbine R components. An outstanding spec that would make any enduro rider weak at the knees.

 Enjoy your lunch time lullaby of ASMR bicycle assembly. Spoiler: there are puppies.

Gee's spec:

 Orbea Rallon

 Race Face:

Turbine R Wheels

Next R Carbon Crankset

Next R Carbon Handlebar

Grippler Grips

Turbine R Stem


FLOAT 36 GRIP2 Factory Series Fork

DHX Shock

Transfer Performance Series Elite Dropper

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