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New Product Alert: Aeffect R Wheels

New Product Alert: Aeffect R Wheels

On many mid-range bikes, a common point of failure remains the wheels. Riders are frustrated by lost trail miles while their bike is stuck in the shop for repairs on subpar wheels. With this gap in the wheel market in mind, we set out to create a hub and rim combo that offers category-leading durability and strength, to confidently take on the rigors of trail, all-mountain, and enduro riding. We are proud to introduce the tough on trails, light on price Aeffect R wheels and Trace J-Bend hub.

 The Aeffect R Wheel
The Aeffect R is a mid-priced wheel that punches above its weight for reliability and strength. Rated for trail to enduro-style riding, these wheels feature a tough 6069 alloy rim with an 30mm inner diameter,  an offset rim bed for even spoke tension and is rated for high impact strength and reliability.

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 The All-New Trace Hub
The all new, RF designed, Trace hub offers 13 different hub options to cover all current axle configurations (Boost + Super Boost) and cassette body options (Micro Spline/XD/HG). Durable ride-after-ride performance is delivered without comprise with the Trace’s steel axle, sturdy 10 degree engagement, large cartridge bearings and stiff, oversized J-bend spoke flanges. This new hub is available as both a part of the Aeffect R and Aeffect R eMTB wheel offerings and as a standalone aftermarket product for you to create your own wheel legends.

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 Aeffect R eMTB Rear Wheel
Race Face’s first fully eMTB-rated rim/hub combo, this rear wheel is beefed up to take all the powered punishment ebikes have to offer. The Aeffect R eMTB wheels tough 6069 alloy rim features a 32h spoke count, a 4.5mm spoke offset for a strong build with burly J-bend spokes, and the rim’s 30mm internal width is set to charge hard. The all new Trace rear hub is up to the fun here as well, with its steel axel and eMTB specific steel cassette body options to withstand the high torque loads seen with eMTB drivetrains. Combine this rear wheel with the Aeffect R front wheel to create an unbeatable eMTB wheelset that will deliver dependable performance well beyond its price point, keeping you out on the trail.

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