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Matthew Tongue Finds Innervision at Crankworx Dirt Diaries

Matthew Tongue Finds Innervision at Crankworx Dirt Diaries

Matthew Tongue’s speechless tour de force “Innervision” received the runner-up spot at the annual Dirt Diaries video challenge at Crankworx Whistler. Yet judging from the crowd’s reaction at the live event, it was Innervision that had athletes attempting the gnarliest features that BC’s Sea to Sky trails have to offer.

Filmed over an intense 9-week schedule including location scouting, riding, filming and editing, Tongue’s film gave glimpse into the minds of Race Face/Devinci athletes Georgia Astle and Steve Vanderhoek in the moments before dropping into some of the scariest lines of their season.

Georgia Astle at Whip Offs 2022

Could this be Love Actually? Georgia ponders her decision to hit a massive step down.

“It’s one of the wildest feelings to be standing on top of a feature and have the rush of nerves and excitement in those moments before dropping in,” says Georgia. “The run in, the speed, the landing… It’s a mental game putting it all together. But the ride out after greasing first hit is something else.”

Jumping at whip offs 2022

Georgia launching the Whistler Bike Park’s infamous Crababble Hits at the 2022 Whip Offs. “Matt’s film captures those little inner voices pre and post jump,” she says.
Vanderhoek 2022
Judging from his lines in Innervision, Steve’s middle name could well be Danger

Having filmed and shot in the Pacific Northwest for over 10 years, Matthew is no stranger to working with skilled talent and delivering on a tight deadline. With a background in landscape and fine art photography, his experimental style documents the dynamic range of the mountains he now calls home.

Watch Innervision from the 2022 Dirt Diaries:


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