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Turbine Cranks are light and dependable

Having a mixed relationship with carbon xc cranksets (my last set of carbon cranks lasted 9 months) , when I built my last XC/Trail bike I choose the Turbine. It is 160 grams heavier than the lightest carbon cranks, but I feel that 160 grams is well work the "price". That said, they among the very lightest of aluminum cranks on the market. After two years of hard riding they ride like new without a squeak, tweak, or peep. My only complaint is that like all aluminum cranksets the anodizing has a hard time standing up to years of rock strikes and shoe rub. Loving a crankset for it's dependability doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is if you ride 3,000 trail miles a year.

Good to go

I've had my Turbine crank for over a year with some solid riding on them, no issues al all and are going strong.
Setup was a breeze too, bsa30 bb and you can replace just the bearings without having to wait on a complete bb

Awesome crankset for 120mm bb

I built a carbon fatbike with a 120mm bsa bb. Cranksets to fit were are hard to find. A phone call to raceface helped me find what I needed. The cranks require a 1.5 mm spacer that didn’t come with cranks or bb. Rf was kind enough to help me get the required spacers.

Great product!

I bought the fist set of TURBINEs decades ago. Today - still my favorite crank. Owning 3 sets, I had 0 issues, everything works as it should. I always check on the BSA30 BB, re-grease the bearings once a year. Not too heavy and seems to hold up better than the carbon cranks. Great product and will be my first choice when building my next bike.