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Special Recipe

These grips are made of a proprietary rubber compound that only Race Face can make. We could tell you what's in them, but then we'd have to kill you.

Hold Fast

Designed to stay put, these low-profile grips have a lock-on collar, tapered internal sleeve and directional design - no drama here, just solid comfort.

A Real Handful.

Two diameters (30mm+ 33mm), 5 solid colours, 5 black with ano'd lock collars options. Don't worry - with the Getta Grip you get all the choices.

Everything's Alright

We think that the best path to a happy life is to ride as often as possible. These grips have the perfect combination of tackiness, durability and cushioning to keep you in the saddle and on the sunny side of life.

Getta Grip



Material Rubber
Weight 96g
Weight Conditions Pair 30mm

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Customer Reviews

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Griply's Believe It or Not

I have 33mm Getta Grips in black and yellow, as well as 30mm black Griplers. The Griplers are for my 'serious' XC bike and I love them. The knurled ends really keep your hands connected to the bars. The Getta Grips I have for my 'recreational' XC bike and I like those very much as well for their comfort. The yellow color is more yellow-green so be aware of that. When I received them I did think about sending the yellow back, but after application of a beer to the situation it was all good!

Best grip ever!

Bought 2 33mm of getta grips to match my chester pedal and im loving it, so tacky, comfortable and budget price. I should say you getta new grip now. :)

grippy and beautiful

These are really comfortable, and look amazing


Great grip! Great feel looks great