BB92 CINCH 30mm


BB92 CINCH 30mm


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All About The Ball Bearings

This BB uses 6806 retainer bearings packed with waterproof grease along with improved wiper seals to ensure above-and-beyond durability and performance.

Death to Creaks

We fired up the ol' CNC machine to make sure the anodized alloy cups of this bottom bracket provide an exact, perfectly quiet fit in your frame.

Weather, Or Not

Features a built in, telescopic sleeve with improved sealing, keeping moisture from bearings and crank spindle, plus the sleeve provides more space for internal cable routing.

Sealed and Delivered

Bottom brackets are something you never think about until you do. With superior sealing and cable routing clearance our 30mm Cinch BB92 will give you true peace of mind, this bottom bracket stands for precision and and durability.

BB92 CINCH 30mm



BB Diameter (MM) 41
Bearing Style Single Row
Color Black
Shell Standard Press Fit
Spindle Diameter (MM) 30
Weight 69g
Weight Conditions BB92

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Awesome - not

Awesome, Raceface simply removed my review. It seems like they do not want to show ratings below 3 stars.
Anyway, these BBs are not lasting long. Had to grease twice in 4 months and now have a seized BB. The spindle is of too large diameter which makes the bearing too small, which leads to excessive wear. The seals are no good either.

Quick shipping, as ordered

Fast shipping, fixed my old crunchy bearings. Love supporting Canadian companies!


BB92 CINCH 30mm

Trouble with less BB now and in the past

I ride 3-4 days a week about 15-20 per ride. I am on the sixth RaceFace BB. I try to avoid water and sand to preserve, but it doesn't really help. Doesn't matter if I install it of my shop it makes a noise after a few rides. I ride it until I am the loudest guy on the trail and it makes me crazy. Pull it out clean and that helps, but starts shortly after again. This time it lasted 1 ride and on ride 2 the noise started again. I have the bike in shop right now after 4 rides to see if they can do something different.