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Die Pedale ist vom bolzen gerutscht.

Sehen super aus, wirken stabil und was passiert nach der 2. Fahrt? Die Pedale fällt einfach ab... nicht am gewinde sie ist ei fach vom bolzen gerutscht. Ich bin heilfroh das ich mir keinen knochen gebrochen habe. Bei so einem hohen preis sollte viel mehr qualität und ein Gefühl von sicherheit zu erwarten sein. Was ich bekommen habe war ein schreck fürs leben der beinahe in einem schweren sturz geendet hätte.

Hallo Justin,

Wir entschuldigen uns für Ihre Erfahrung mit diesen Pedalen. Wir werden unseren Händler in Ihrer Nähe bitten, sich privat an Sie zu wenden, um eine Lösung zu finden.

Freundliche Grüße,
Josh Bronsert

Extremely disappointing durability, great while they work

Had these for 3 years on my custom fixie, they didn't get a lot of use but a normal amount. Drive side pedal detached from the spindle and does not seem to be fixable. Extremely dissatisfied in the durability of these. A high end pedal should last longer. Customer service regarding warranty was lackluster. Will not be buying race face pedals again.

Hi Nathaniel,
Sorry to hear about your bad experience around the Atlas pedals, especially regarding the customer service you received. Our Warranty Manager is going to reach out directly and see if we can't make this right.
Thanks for your honest feedback!
James @ RF

Grip When You Need It, Not When You Don't

After my first tour (Ontario to Newfoundland), I decided to replace the tester pedals on my bike and considered many options. I had always planned to get clipless pedals but after my trip preferred the freedom of flats.

I discovered these and have not been disappointed. They have served me well and still function great. The makers' claim that the grip is great holds up. As long as you are putting pressure on the pedals, your feet will not slide. As soon as you let up, your feet are free to go where you need them.

Great, effective, magnificent quality. Highly recommend.

Oh yeah.

I just went from Chromag Scarabs to Atlas and I have no regrets excepts for not putting lock tight on the dust cap. Reached out to Raceface hoping to get my hands on a spare one.