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Good but needs maintenance

Came on my 2019 Santa Cruz bronson. Works well as long as the air pressure is right. Mine leaks air over time and I need to pump it up every couple of months. When the pressure is low it still works, but doesn't come all the way back up without pulling on it. I don't use the dropper very often anyway but it is a pain to add air. You have to remove the seat, and I can never get it back exactly how it was. Local shop offered to rebuild for $180, but a new one isn't much more than that. I do replace the cable every year.

Lasted 3 months under light conditions

This post came on a New Santa Cruz High Tower LT i bought in July of 2019... it lasted about 90 days before it began to sag and i had only ridden the bike a handful of times without a lot of dropper use. it was completely spent within 5 months ... I got the Warranty run around from both the original bike shop i purchased the bike from and Race Face ... couldnt even get a replacement cartidge and i was left extremely dissappointed ... compared to the Droppers on my other bikes (PNW and a Fox Transfer) which neither have given me any issues with years of use... this left a lot to be desired

Reducing the drop - Shim?

Great dropper on my new instinct. How can I reduce the height by 25mm? I have it all the way down. Is there a shim or block that I can install reducing it from 125 to 100mm?

3 years in use - ZERO problems!

The aeffect dropper came with my SC Nomad 3 years ago. I did not know what to expect. I even wanted to replace it with another brand. Now, 3,5 hard seasons later - It turned out to be my most reliable dropper so far. I had ZERO issues in 3 years, all I ever did was to clean it, re-lube and check the air. I change the housing and the cable once a year.
I do not use the aeffect lever. (because of ergonomic issues) Great product!