Bike Type: DH MTB
Brand: Commencal
Model: Furious
Handlebar: Atlas
Stem: Atlas DM
Cranks: Sixc
Wheelset: Atlas
Fork: 40 Factory, Battleship
Shock: DHX2
Seatpost: Next R
Drivetrain: SRAM
1. What’s your name?
Travis Bilton
2. How long have you been in the bike industry?
15 years, give or take.
3. What do you do at Race Face?
Clothing Designer/Developer
4. What’s one weird fact about you?
Ruptured my spleen – twice.  Still managed to keep it inside my belly, though.
5. How often do you ride?
This summer, maybe 6 times? Broke my pelvis June 1st
6. What type of riding do you do?
All the types.
7. What’s your favourite trail?
The illegal ones.
8. What made you pick this bike over others?
Rad company that supports a ton of athletes at all levels and puts out top quality content. Simple and clean looking bike.
9. What is your favourite component or part of your bike and why?
My stem bolts. Unsung heroes.
10. Have you changed/added anything to your bike to suit your riding style?
Pretty basic B set up. I run what I can get my mitts on.