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We talked to Bas about his latest project "Property Lines" to give us some insights people might haven't heard of yet.

This is what Bas and Calvin had to say about the project.

Bas Bike

Bas, please tell us what was the whole idea with Property Lines?

Honestly, driving up and down that driveway every day and having walked around the yard, I knew exactly the line I wanted to build at some point, and figured it would be amazing to have a video around this! I was so stoked to have the opportunity to finally build it and it all came together pretty much exactly how I had planned!
Bas backyard
Moving to Vernon, you started with a blank yard, how does it feel to now have some one of a kind jumps and lines to train on and enjoy?

It is honestly such a dream come true, as a kid I always dreamed of having my own place to build stuff and ride, so for that to be a reality now is insane to me. To also be able to use a bunch of it for training etc. is a huge bonus, I pretty much have everything I need to progress in the yard.
Bas features
Were there any features that took some time to get dialed and guinea pig?

Haha Yes, the line is far from straight forward, so some of the jumps definitely took a bit of time to figure out. mainly the 2nd jump in the line and the step up over the road were a little tricky to wrap my head around, but once I hit them everything ended up flowing together nicely!

 Bas Shred

Calvin,  Bas and yourself worked over months to make this happen, from concept to building to filming – how has being involved in every step of the way for this video affected the way you shot it?

Working with Bas is always a treat! We wanted to showcase the feeling of Bas being home. What it feels like to walk through your own front door after long trips. There is an unmatched peace with returning to the place you call home. Which meant the video needed to be comforting and sprinkled with the character that is Bas. 
Diggin lines
Not only did you film but you also spent some days digging to make this line happen, how did that help you line up shots and understand Bas’s approach to hit this line?

I find building on projects to be very beneficial. Not only do you grow a connection to the surroundings, you begin to see the features in many moods. Morning, mid-day, evening, cloudy, sunny, rain. You become more connected to the features and develop a sense of how to best capture them. I enjoy this part of the process! I feel like spending time at any spot will always help you capture it better at the end of the day.
Gimme a kiss Bas!
Was there a favorite shot or feature you liked filming for this edit?

Favorite shot is always tough to pin down. For me it has to be the behind the scene shots of Bas. Those shots are what  I truly remember. It sounds cheesy, but it’s the laughs and good times I cherish the most. Also, the down the pipe slow-mo shot of Bas charging into the road gap is real fun to watch!



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