Wade's been sifting through all your comments on Youtube and Pinkbike for ideas for new episodes! The future starts now with the first PaP episode of the year, where the Godfather focuses on tough and technical lung busting climbs.

He dissects some of the toughest tech climbs on North Van's Mt. Seymour to give you the tools to tame any nasty ascent. These climbs are unforgiving and can even catch the Godfather out once in a while but his trusty sidekick Luna is there to help out. Look for a future episode starting Luna picking apart a fallen log! 

Puzzling is not just reserved for the downhillers – Wade teaches us how to look at climbs in a new way, to unlock the right balance of technique, line choice, and raw power to get over the top! Make sure to watch to the end of the episode to see Wade tackle a bonus goal of mastering the ‘Impossible Climb’,  made famous by Mr. Levy at Pinkbike.