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Pick-A-Part: Wade Simmons and ALN Ride A Pemberton Classic

Pick-A-Part: Wade Simmons and ALN Ride A Pemberton Classic

For episode 6 of Pick-A-Part, Wade Simmons travels north to Pemberton to meet up with RF teammate and professional EWS racer, Andréane Lanthier Nadeau. Don't let the casual vibes of Wade's Torres button up fool you - he and ALN go full gas, no brakes on one of Pemby's most "killer" trails - a classic that's fun yet oh-so-scary. They take a look at race lines vs freeride lines and even get a run at the Chute of Death.

 ALN on her first meeting with the Godfather:

I still remember the first time I met Wade. It was a Rocky dealers event in North Van and we rode Froome. I was wearing full lycra, riding my Vertex, and I was pretty intimidated to ask Wade if I could join for a lap. When I mustered the courage to do so, he looked at me from head-to-toe and asked, “Are you any good at going downhill?”

Back then I was still discovering the amazing trails of BC and I was SO stoked on every bit of trail I had the chance to lay my tires on. I remember him high-fiving me at the bottom of a tough section that I cleaned on the Vertex. I had just impressed Wade Simmons. I was hyped!


And now:

Not much as changed since then, except that I’m not as starstruck when I see Wade and I call him Uncle Wade just to annoy him. I still get just as stoked every time my tires hit the dirt of any piece of beautiful BC trail."


On riding challenging trails:

"I love challenging myself and riding in Pemby does just that, with its steep, loose, and old school trails. Nothing like it!

Plus there was a big move I wanted to have my first look at on this Pemby classic. It was really sick to see Wade hit Barelli’s line off the crux shoot of Cop *Thriller*. Too burly for me on the day! Hopefully I can build up to it.

On Picking-A-Part Wade's knowledge: 

Riding with Wade I always ask him questions, look at his riding, and try to mimic what he does. He’s like an encyclopedia of bike knowledge. Plus he just loves bikes, and that’s my favorite thing to share on a ride, the love of bikes and shredding! In this pick-a-part we talk about traction control and cornering position."


Wade, on riding with ALN:

Throughout my entire MTB career, I have enjoyed riding with athletes from all MTB disciplines. When you boil it down, it doesn't matter if you're an XC racer, top 5 EWS athlete, freeride legend, dirt jumper, slopestyle ripper, DH sender, or a trials master, the bottom line is, we all enjoy riding bikes. So having the chance to ride with ALN on one of her favorite trails in Pemberton BC was truly awesome!!"



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