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Mountain Bike Knee Pads: Pedal-Friendly Protection for Your Riding Style

Mountain Bike Knee Pads: Pedal-Friendly Protection for Your Riding Style

Indy and Covert are our most readily available knee protection and are the Enduro and Trail oriented kneepads best used for Pedal Pushing (riding and descending). Here’s a way to select between the two:

Trail, All Mountain, Enduro, Down Country... Whatever you like to call riding your bike, most of the time you’re pushing pedals to enjoy the descents. Similarities in these riding genres means some crossover for the most suitable knee protection, which in turn can cause confusion when you’re trying to buy the right gear. We’re here to look at the two knee pad options that make the most sense for these All Trail, Cross-Hill, sometimes-up-sometimes-down styles of riding.

The newest piece of protection to join the Race Face lineup is the Covert. Highly breathable with an ultra-profile, CE certified, D3O™ Ghost pad, Covert is the ultimate Trail knee pad. Flexibility is key for comfort when you’re spending all day in the saddle, so we strategically placed mesh at the seams to keep you spinning irritation-free. And when you do come off your bike, your knees will be safe and secure behind the flexible and breathable D3O™ Ghost foam piece, supported by ripstop abrasion-resistant paneling.

Covert is a great choice for those looking at big days of up and down, technical climbing, quick on/off transitions or constant pedaling.

Covert Knee
Covert Knee


Our updated Indy Kneepad features a new pad design to improve pedaling comfort while maintaining maximum protection for when things go unexpectedly downhill. 

With upper thigh silicone grippers, silicone shin patch, and a useful calf strap, the Indy knee pads stay in place without any annoying fidgeting. Like all our gear, it’s put together with durable construction.

Indy was designed for the demands of our Enduro racers; big days of pedaling up fire roads then pinning it down extended double-black descents. With proven D3O® LP1 foam impact protection, you’re in the best gear to take a hit at race pace.

Indy Knee 2022
Indy Knee 2022


If pedal-heavy trails and lower consequence features are your jam, Covert is geared to move with you. If you like lining up the big lines and bigger hits at higher speeds, Indy is ready for riders going all out.

When it comes to protection, we’ve got you covered.


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