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Tested: Bike Mag's 'Beatdown' of the Next SL Cranks

Tested: Bike Mag's 'Beatdown' of the Next SL Cranks

The North Shore offers a different kind of riding from anywhere else in the world, with harsh conditions that demand tough components to match. 

Our Next SL crankset is designed, manufactured, and tested in the shadows of the Shore, right at home in British Columbia, Canada. This premiere crankset offers precise power transfer and ultra strength in a lightweight package.

BikeMag took a set of our all-new Next SL cranks and handed them off to the perfect reviewer. Carl Bauer doesn’t make his living reviewing bike parts, he has another kind of expertise - he's worked at a bike shop, Buy My Bikes, for over 30 years. He's rough and tough (but fair) on parts and a good neutral tester for this Canadian-made crankset. 

Read the full article HERE.

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