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Tristan Uhl

Athlete Bio

Tristan began racing bikes at the tender age of 4 when he accompanied his parents to a local mountain bike race, and he has been hooked ever since. He traveled the world as a junior racing national events and even the world championships. As an adult he has raced just about every type of bike; he has focused primarily on “off the beaten path” style events. In January 2016, he won the single speed cyclocross national championships. Tristan lives in the fitness crazed city of Austin, Texas and works as a bike mechanic - one day he’ll quit his job to go live in a shack in the mountains.

Athlete Bio

Career Highlights


Cyclocross Single Speed National Championships, 1st Place


BC Bike Race, 1st Place

Single Track 6 Stage Race, 2nd Place

Transylvania Epic Stage Race, 3rd Place



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