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Remy Metailler

Athlete Bio

NICKNAME: Flying Frenchy

HOMETOWN: Nice, France

BIRTHDAY: 11/30/1990



FAVORITE RIDING LOCATION: Whistler Bike Park of course!

WHAT GOT YOU IN TO RIDING?: The first DH world Cup I watched on TV When I was 4. As Nicolas Vouilloz was the best, and as he was living close to my place, the sport was big in the South East of France.

FIRST ‘REAL’ MOUNTAIN BIKE: A Specialized Hardrock red, size Small I had stolen from my mother... I had removed the second and third ring to make a trial bike… I loved that bike when I was 10 even if it was way too big for me…

PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: “People who run fast are never late”

PERSONAL CATCH PHRASE: Have fun, enjoy life, make your dream a reality.

SPECIAL TALENT: My French accent? or Whips and scrubs I guess!

FAVORITE MUSIC: I listen all kind of music, from rap to electro, rock. Depends the context!I like a lot Bliss n Eso, DaftPunk, Justice, Uppermost

IF I WASN’T A ‘PRO’ RIDER I WOULD BE: I would be a football player! No I’m kidding, I would be a freeskier, an MX rider or a pro surfer



Athlete Bio

Career Highlights


10th Place Redbull Rampage 

Top 3 Whistler DH series 

Top 5 at Taxco Urban DH, Mexico 


Record number of days and laps in Whistler Bike Park (over 1000 laps in 111 days)

Super final at Whip Off World Champs at Crankworx

Top 5 Wb MTB Videos of 2013




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