Paul Basagoitia

Athlete Bio



BIRTHDAY: December 12, 1986


SPECIAL TALENT: I can’t really think of a “special” talent that I have other than riding and building sweet stuff.

FAVORITE RIDING LOCATION: My favorite riding location would have to be in the backcountry of Utah.

WHAT GOT YOU IN TO RIDING?: What got me into riding was watching the kids in my neighborhood ride around the block making jumps out of scrap wood. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I remember begging my parents that I wanted a bicycle really bad!

FIRST ‘REAL’ MOUNTAIN BIKE: My first real MTB was Cameron Zink’s Santa Cruz Chameleon. He Let me borrow it for the first ever Crankworxs.

FAVORITE MUSIC: 80s Rock, Rap, and some country

IF I WASN’T A ‘PRO’ RIDER I WOULD BE: Either fully into the film business or a land developer.


Athlete Bio

Career Highlights

Red Bull District Champion

2x Crankworx Champion

2nd Over all in the Qashqai Series 



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