Mitch Chubey

Athlete Bio

NICKNAME: Chubacca

HOMETOWN: Vancouver BC

BIRTHDAY: April 27 1989

RIDING DISCIPLINE: SlopeStyle Freeride Big Mountain

BIGGEST INFLUENCE(S) ON YOUR RIDING: Rad People, Rad riding, Rad Places



WHAT GOT YOU IN TO RIDING?: I use to race Motocross with my father, and when he stopped, I stopped. Mountain biking was a replacement that became a career.

PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: “Life is too short to not go big, have to go big.”

FIRST ‘REAL’ MOUNTAIN BIKE: A 99 Brodie Devo in Blue. It lasted 88 days. It snapped like all Brodie’s do.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Any kind as long as it does not start with a “C” Country, Classical…..

IF I WASN’T A ‘PRO’ RIDER I WOULD BE: Pro motocross racer for sure or a F1 Racer or working some dead end job.

Athlete Bio

Career Highlights

Drop-In TV

Barrer for Life 2 DVD Segment

Brighter DVD Segment and Cover Shot

3rd Jumpship

GoPro games 

Teva Mountain Games, Ranch Style


8th 26 Trix

1st UDUG

Redbull Round Up


6th Crankworx Whistler

Qashqai Mardrid, Bergline

5th Claymore Challenge



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