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Mike Kinrade

Athlete Bio

NICKNAME: Kinbad and Kinradical


BIRTHDAY: Oct 29 1981


BIGGEST INFLUENCE(S) ON YOUR RIDING: The youth and the veterans all inspire me.Exploration into new terrain and new riding possibilities has shown the world just how much can be ridden on a bike. Opening your mind and take off the blinders, you will find influence everywhere.

SPECIAL TALENT: I can grow a mean patch of carrots. Everything else is not clean enough for the internet.

FAVORITE RIDING LOCATION: Hometown all the way.

WHAT GOT YOU IN TO RIDING?: Living in Nelson.

FIRST ‘REAL’ MOUNTAIN BIKE: Nishiki Expedition

PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: “We are the fortunate ones; let’s not waste our time here. Do something cool”

FAVORITE MUSIC: As long as it took some real talent to make, then I’m into it.

IF I WASN’T A ‘PRO’ RIDER I WOULD BE: Still riding bikes.

Athlete Bio

Career Highlights

Redbull Rampage

4th, 5th, 8th and 9th place

2000 - Present

Big Mountain Riding Pioneer