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Kim Russell

Athlete Bio


HOMETOWN: Hood River, OR

BIRTHDAY: April 19


BIGGEST INFLUENCE(S) ON YOUR RIDING: Kelli Emmett, Sarah Leishman, Tracy Moseley.

SPECIAL TALENT: Fun fact...I'm also a professional whitewater kayaker. 

FAVORITE RIDING LOCATION: Corral, Chile & Molini di Triora, Italy

WHAT GOT YOU IN TO RIDING?: I grew up in a little resort town south of Bend, Oregon. My sister and I would cruise around town, and bike into/back from Bend as a kid. I broke my jaw on one of these sister-rides, and didn't ride for awhile. I bought my first real mountain bike as a freshman in college, and starting racing after a shoulder injury and resulting surgery kept me from my main gig: whitewater kayaking. Turns out racing bikes is pretty fun, and I've been doing it ever since. 

FIRST ‘REAL’ MOUNTAIN BIKE : Santa Cruz Heckler, 2 x 9, "Blackie"

PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: Live without regret.

PERSONAL CATCH PHRASE: "Hardin the F*** up"

Athlete Bio

Career Highlights


Cascadia Dirt Cup: 1st Place

North American Enduro Cup: 1st Place

EWS Chile: 13th Place

EWS ArgentinaL 15th Place