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Forrest Riesco

Athlete Bio

NICKNAME: La-Forret, Forry


BIRTHDAY: January 24th, 1994

RIDING DISCIPLINE: Downhill racing

BIGGEST INFLUENCE(S) ON YOUR RIDING: Sam Hill, for his forward riding style and his “Fast and Loose” attitude.

SPECIAL TALENT: I can ride a unicycle and play the fiddle at the same time. I did it once in a parade.

FAVORITE RIDING LOCATION: That would be a tough one between Whistler and at home on the Sunshine Coast. Favorite race track is definitely Mont Sainte Anne World Cup.

WHAT GOT YOU IN TO RIDING?: I rode a lot with friends when I was younger and we used to ride everywhere and build jumps and trails. The freedom would be what first drew me to the sport. Now I can’t go a week without getting out on my bike, and I love the challenge of continuing to push myself in my training and riding to keep getting faster.


PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”- Henry Ford

PERSONAL CATCH PHRASE: “Foot out, flat out”

FAVORITE MUSIC: It can vary a lot from Lorde to the Chili Peppers to the Black Keys. I like everything except for Country!

IF I WASN’T A ‘PRO’ RIDER I WOULD BE: I would probably be working towards being a helicopter pilot or pursuing some other sport such as skiing or soccer.


Athlete Bio

Career Highlights


1st Sunshine Coaster

3rd Canada Cup Panorama

10th Canadian National Champs 


61st overall World Cup Standings

85th Overall UCI rankings

37th Caims, Australia World Cup

35th Windham, USA World Cup


Canadian National Team Member Elite

1st at Sunpeaks Canada cup

1st at Sunshien Coaster DH

2nd Overall in Canada Cup Series 

4th Mont Tremblant Canada Cup