Emilie Siegenthaler

Athlete Bio

1. Name: Emilie SIegenthaler

2. Hometown: Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

3. Birthdate: 19th september 1986

4. Riding Discipline: Downhill Racing7. 

5. Nickname: Emi, Fatima

6. Personal Catch phrase:  In french, it is “ Courage ou Dégage” which means something like “go big or go home” ... 

7. Your special talent: Official team translator as speaking a few different languages... As a psychology graduate I’m also quite good at understanding people. 

8. Favorite Riding location* BielTrail, Switzerland.

9. Biggest influence(s) on your riding: Sari Jörgensen, Floriane Pugin, Brendan Fairclough.

10. First ‘real’ Mountain Bike: A scott Endorphin with rock shox judy and shimano xtr parts! 

Athlete Bio

Career Highlights


World cup 4th place in Leogang 


World cup 4th place Fort William 


World cup overall ranking 5th 

World cup 4th place in Windham & MSA