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Anthony Evans

Athlete Bio

Anthony (A.K.A. “Poppa Tony” or “Mr. Clean”) hails from Peachland a small town in the interior of B.C. Canada. Surrounded by rolling hills, the area is home to a network of great all mountain trails sprinkled with lift access and shuttleable DH trails. As a "grom" he grew up riding bikes in the era of skinny bars, trails with skinny ladder bridges and a competitive group of friends. One of the best parts of his school days besides riding itself was pedaling home as quickly as he could to catch the end of fabled T.V. show "Drop In", and after that was over he’d frantically check “PinkBike” for the latest "Race Face Ultimate Freeride Challenge". The comradery found in a good ride on two wheels, the addiction of competition and pushing of one’s own limits, and the places you get to see are what keeps him so passionate about the sport. “Once I take a step back from racing I’d like to continue as an Ambassador for the sport; invest more time in trail building and help coach the local youth. Thanks to everyone that supports the journey, see ya on the trails!” – Anthony Evans

Athlete Bio

Career Highlights


BC Cup Overall,            2nd place

Canada Cup Overall,     5th place


Canada Cup, 4th Place

Western Open, 3rd Place

BC Cup Final, 2nd Place