Amanda Cordell

Athlete Bio

NICKNAME: Wish I had one!

HOMETOWN: Salt Lake City, UT

BIRTHDAY: July 7th, 1987

RIDING DISCIPLINE: Downhill/Freeride

BIGGEST INFLUENCE(S) ON YOUR RIDING: Ben Reid, Caroline Buchanan, Elliot Jackson

SPECIAL TALENT: I make the best baked mac n cheese ever.

FAVORITE RIDING LOCATION: Whistler… Although I’ve never been there, I already know it’s my favorite place to ride. ☺

WHAT GOT YOU IN TO RIDING?: Originally it was just something to keep me in shape and preoccupied until ski season…. and then I caught some air! Haha. The rest is history.


PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: Size is always relative to point of view and everyone has a different audience. Don’t get caught up in trying to captivate someone else’s or you will betray your own. In other words, be yourself and serve those who appreciate you.


FAVORITE MUSIC: I appreciate a large variety of music but tend to lean towards folk and indie rock. For training and mental race prep, I go with artists like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Kanye.

IF I WASN’T A ‘PRO’ RIDER I WOULD BE: A dog whisperer or a magician.

Athlete Bio

Career Highlights


Cat 1 Downhill National Champion




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  • Anybody want to shoot some mtb photos?

  • "She is terrifying." 🤣

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  • Terrifying.

  • Having a hard time not burping in my DV coaching uniform.