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Ace Hayden

Athlete Bio

1.Name: Ace Hayden

2. Hometown: Kamloops, BC, Canada

3. Birthdate: January 16th 1992

4. Riding Discipline: Freeride/DH

5. Nickname: The Wolf, Tarzan, DirtFarmer, Acehood, Slayden.

6. Personal Catch phrase: Whatever, Dude.

7. Your special talent: I can fold my tongue flat on its self backwards. If nothing goes as planned at least I have that.

8. Favorite Riding location: Kamloops, Sunshine Coast, Green River, The FARM.

9.Your personal Philosophy of life?

10. If I wasn’t a ‘pro’ rider I would be: Playing Football in the States somewhere. Or Snowboarding.

11. What got you in to riding?: I played elite Football my entire life until my family moved from Toronto to B.C. I fell in love with the mountains and bought a bike off some dude named “Kinrade”. Never touched a football again after that. Watching local guys like Hunter and Aggy ride definitely got me way too stoked.

12. Biggest influence(s) on your riding. Crossing over stuff from snowboarding is definitely a big influence. Guys like Andreu, Aggy, Hunter, Sorge, Matty Miles and Makken all get me way too stoked to ride.

Athlete Bio

Career Highlights

Shooting with legendary Filmers and Photographers.

Fest Series


Photos in Decline, Dirt and Bike mag.