Aaron Chase

Athlete Bio

1. Name: Aaron Chase

2. Hometown: Vernon, NJ

3. Birthdate: 11/17/78

4. Riding Discipline: Freeride/ content producer

5. Nickname:  Hey Chassssse!

6. Personal Catch Phrase: “Money for nothing and the bikes for free”

7. Your special talent: Creating!!  

8. Favorite Riding location: Its tough to nail down one place because the best time on a bike is exploring new places but if I was to pick one spot it would be riding the jumps (Dirt Extravaganza)  by my house with the boys.

9.0Your personal Philosophy of life? It used to be “drink’n, stink’n, never think’n” now its more like, “Teach your children well”

10. Favorite Music:Pink Floyd- Nirvana- NoFx

11. If I wasn’t a ‘pro’ rider I would be: At one time I wanted to be a Ski racer or something like that.  In reality, I would probably drop in on my Dads profession in woodworking.  

Athlete Bio




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