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Bought my second pair...

I have been wearing a pair of Ruxtons for riding, skateboarding and hiking all winter. I posted a review earlier where I noted the waist on my Large pair was HUGE and I had to have them altered. After doing that I loved them and finally bought a second pair so I could not have to wash them so much. The waist on the new pair fits like a normal RF Large and doesn't need any alterations. The pants have held up well to a whole winter with several rides each week. The RF decal is peeling off and I lost the zipper tabs for the side pockets...they are a weird shape so I never use them anyways.

I'm stoked they are back in stock and that I got another pair.

Perfect pants

Let me first say that I really researched mountain bike pants. Like most of you, I'm sure, I read Enduro bike magazine's review on mtb pants and many others. I actually ordered some Specialized pants (sent back, side straps never made the pants feel secure around my waist, material also felt a little light), and Leatt pants (sent back, odd fit and look and lighter material). Also I'm 6'2" 175 pounds. Finally I decided on the Race Face pants and had to wait until they had more in stock. I bought a Large and they fit perfectly, the material is heavier so they will withstand a crash, they have the ratchet fastener so the pants feel secure around my waist, are long enough in the leg for me, and they look damn nice. I'm very happy with the pants and would buy them again.

Strange sizing

Pants ride well, with plenty of stretch. However sizing is really weird. I wear a 31-32 in jeans and after reading the reviews I went for the smalls. The waist fit great, but the thighs and butt were really tight. Not sure who these were designed for?

Comfy AF

Biking is a few months away, ok, many months away but wear them around the house. Love the first for me.