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Roam Knees Please

So far these kneepads are amazingly comfortable and look ready to keep my knees going for when I send it wrong.

Super happy at this point!

Comfy and hardcore protection

Pedal up hill all day with just the bottom velcro holding the pads on and then get set up for the downhill and they are a lot better than the 100% slip on soft knee pads I have.

Roam Knee Pads: good but not great.

I have ridden about 6 rides with these now. I like the ability to put on and remove the pads without taking your shoes off. The amount of provided protection is also very good. So far, I have only fell once and my knee and shin were very well protected. The biggest areas where improvement could be made are comfort and ventilation. The material does not feel as soft as the neoprene in my former pads(Sweet Protection knee pads). Where the pad contacts my shin they are abrasive and have sometimes left scratches there. It is winter in Northern California where I live and ride (highs in the 40s and 50s) and still these pads are almost too warm. They will likely be unwearable starting around April here. The pads do seem to stay in place pretty well. I haven't yet had to pull them up.

Knee guards

I have wore knee pads for a long time I hated all of them to be honest, these have been the best I’ve owned .