Building on the lightest, most versatile production carbon crankset on the planet, the Next SL generation G4 couples CINCH compatibility with an elegant arm profile that seamlessly integrates the crank arm with the Next SL Direct Mount composite ring.  G4 is lighter weight (430g – 32T Direct Mount) with improved lateral stiffness for 1x setups. If weight and stiffness are not  enough of a one-two punch, then futureproofing your setup with the versatility of the CINCH system should be the knock out blow.





Our flagship product, so we pull out all the stops. Fully hollow crank arms manufactured in our Canadian facility with US sourced carbon. Featuring a 30mm spline interface CNC’d from commercialized super alloy, 20% stronger than the standard 7050 aluminum used in the bicycle industry. Incredible stiffness to transfer your pedalling power as effectively as possible, saving you precious watts.


G4 is lighter weight (430g – 32T Direct Mount) with improved lateral stiness; a critical advantage when the chain is under tension at extreme angles, like those resulting from a 1x system setup.


New 30mm super light spindle design CNC’d from an aluminum super alloy, 20% stronger than regular alloys.



The Next SL G4 features our game-changing Cinch System. The Cinch interface allows you to simply and easily customize your crankset to almost any configuration imaginable and future-proofing for drivetrain standards yet to be released. Multiple spindle lengths, interchangeable spiders, limitless ring combinations and a colored hardware selection. With Cinch you can create your ultimate personal configuration and carry that configuration from bike to bike with a simple spindle change. Possibly the most versatile crankset you will ever own.

Industry Standard 30mm Interface

CInch BB options for all relevant frame standards.

G4 Crankboot Colour Options

G4 specific crankboots available in colour options.
View Crank Boot Colours

Interchangeable Spiders

Stay relevant with changing chainring standards and trends.
View Cinch Spider

Multiple Spindle Lengths

Fit to multiple bike builds.
View Cinch Spindles

Ring Configurations

Customize your performance level with hundreds of configuration options.

Colour Hardware Options

Hop up your crank with coloured hardware.
View Coloured Hardware