So you did the unthinkable - you managed to break or bend something.

It's good to hear on occasion - it shows us that you're riding hard and it forces us to keep improving our product.
But back to the situation at hand, you need to make a warranty claim. Well, stretch your fingers, crack your knuckles and do whatever it takes to get ready. Go dig up your original receipt from when you purchased our product and immediately contact the retailer you originally purchased the product from.
Your dealer can choose whether he wants to use email or phone to contact the warranty department at Race Face. The dealer may then be issued a return number to have the component/part sent in for warranty inspection if necessary.

If you have any further questions regarding warranty or technical issues of Race Face products please email: warranty@raceface.com
Please note: All consumer requests and inquiries about small parts will be directed to their local Race Face dealer.